Friday, August 27, 2010

Bathroom Tiles Inspired by a Colorful, Whimsical Chandelier

What's hot pink, purple, yellow, aqua, green, and red? A fun, crazy chandelier by, and now, matching fused glass tiles for a bathroom!
Custom "Carnivale" tile inspired by "Fiona" chandelier

A customer in Florida sent us a link to the chandelier "Fiona" made by She just re-did her entire bathroom, including tiling her bathtub surround in 6" tiles. She left empty spaces where art tiles would go, and then she found us.

We can't wait to ship her tiles off and see photos of the finished room. Bright, fun, a little bit eccentric . . . yeah, that's us!

Center wall of shower--coincidentally, we have a wall just like this in our entryway. Wendy built it.
Side wall of shower. Imagine our custom "Carnivale" tiles here!

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The Smart said...

that's very inspired for me. I will make my bathroom be colorfull and comfort.