Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SnowFamily! Original Snowman Ornaments in Fused Glass

It's taken me three years, but I've finally developed my own design of Snowman Ornaments that I love! I didn't create just one -- I created a whole family of Snowman. I call them SnowFamily!
SnowMama, SnowKid, and SnowPapa Snowman Ornaments

When I put them together, they look like a mama, kid, and papa. Each one features a unique scarf, cut from glass "cloth" that I fused beforehand. Each one is original, unique, and signed by the artists.

SnowMama = 2-1/2" x 6" = $22 (free shipping)
SnowKid = 2-1/2" x 4" = $20 (free shipping)
SnowPapa = 2" x 6" = $22 (free shipping

Shop for your SnowFamily ornaments on our etsy shop here: Omega Glass etsy shop.
SnowMama Snowman Ornaments in Fused Glass
SnowPapa Snowman Ornaments in Fused Glass

SnowKid Snowman Ornaments in fused glass
** Please note that each snowman is original and copyrighted 2013

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