Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fabulous and Fascinating Lino Block Art by Myrna Woder

Last fall, I turned 50. It was a BIG event, and I told my husband we had to go SOMEWHERE. He took me to the wine country of Oregon, and we stayed at the historic Hotel Oregon in the heart of McMinnville.

There, right outside our room was a huge piece of art that I thought was a pen-and-ink drawing. When I looked closer, I saw it was a lino block that had been carved. I've carved lino blocks before--you know, for Christmas cards. So I know the time and planning involved. This artwork was stunning.

A further search around the hotel, and I found yet another very cool piece, featuring two old women.

The subject matter fits the hotel perfectly because these images are obviously taken from some old photos or postcards. They really bring you into the historic feel of this hotel. (I only had my cellphone with me, so the pictures are small.)

The artist is Myrna Woder, and I couldn't find any information about her on-line. So if you've heard of her, let me know!

Here's the hotel info:

Hotel Oregon

310 N.E. Evans Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

Local: (503) 472-8427
Elsewhere: (888) 472-8427

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