Monday, March 22, 2010

Swirls, Dots, and Hearts--Oh My!

How much fun are these? I start with a 4" square of black glass and add nine carefully cut squares of bright glass, filling the space perfectly. Then I build up. I stack another, smaller square on top and add the Zippity-doo-dah--a heart, a dot, or a swirl (which I make using glass stringer and a blowtorch--fun!).

I want each top to retain its shape and feel, so I fuse these in a tack fuse cycle. That means I take my kiln up to about 1350 degrees only (as opposed to the full fuse temperature of about 1460).

Finally, I use E6000 epoxy to attach the tile to a wood box, and now you have a gorgeous box perfect for jewelry, mementos, treasures, or anything special. These make great gifts, too. See our etsy selection here: Wood Boxes.

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