Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inspired by Josef Albers, Color Theorist

We make pendants, and we like blocks of solid colors. A friend of mine, Jim Schindler, saw them and said, "Those look like Josef Albers' work." Now, I didn't know Josef Albers from Joseph and Mary, but I went right home and googled him. Jim was right! (Check out The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation website.)

Albers was fascinated by the ways that colors interacted with each other. A lot of his work involved various shades and hues of the same colors and complementary colors. I offer for your enjoyment (or criticism, as the case may be), the pendants that are, even now, firing in the kiln.
I created a batch that involved cool colors--the blues and greens--

and a batch with warm colors--reds, yellows, and oranges.

Then some have complementary colors--red and green, orange and blue, for example.

I'll post photos one they are all fused and looking good. Thank you, Josef Albers!

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