Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fused Glass Class Leads to Very Cool Art!

Every once in a while Wendy and I teach a fused glass art class. (We keep saying we need to do it more often.) One of the benefits to us is seeing what our students create. I have to say this bowl is one of my favorites.

This was made by a young woman who was fascinated by frit. She began with the canoe-shaped clear glass then began creating her design on top of it using orange, yellow, and blue frit. Then she put a sheet of clear glass on top and added the black swirls in more frit. She added the dichroic glass touches last of all.

This bowl took two fusings: the first, at 1485 degrees, fused all the layers into one solid piece, while the second fusing slumped the piece into the bowl.

All in all, a cool project that we would never have thought of! Yay students!

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